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Kalaa Jewels

A bride of any country remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewellery pieces which gives her entire get up a magnificent look. Bridal jewellery is of such a great significance as it not only increase the beauty of the bride’s attire, but also takes her beauty to next level.

The makeup of an Indian bride is contemplate to be incomplete without her solah shringar which consists of all the jewelry pieces considered essential to be adorned by a bride

Kalaa Jewels was founded in the year 2015. It was founded by Jewellery Designer Khushbu Natani.

Kalaa Jewels is the Manufacturer and wholesaler of kundan Meena imitation & silver jewellery. The company has made reputation of authentic imitation Jewellers and sells 100% finest quality only. Kalaa Jewels is also known for their Instagram named as “ kalaa.jewels”, which sells affordable jewellery like – Bangle, Nackless, Mathapatti, Bridel set and meny more with finest quality of Jadaau and Kundan Meena.

Here at Kalaa Jewels, we seek to bring to you imitation jewellery that beautifully captures the traditional charm of Indian jewellery but with a contemporary appeal. Our artisans work to produce some exclusive designs of handcrafted Indian jewellery. From dainty jhumkis, to statement temple necklaces, to high end kundan pieces, you will be sure to find something that appeals to the sophisticated woman in you. Our in-house Jewellery designer – Khushbu, designs or sources stunning Indian and costume jewellery, including kundan bridal jewellery, our makers, based out of Ahmedabad, bring these to life and we then quality check and deliver straight to your door! We believe the design and craftsmanship of Indian jewellery is a true art-form and we invite you to enjoy and celebrate it with us.
Khushbu – I am the owner of this Kalaa Jewels. I am a jewellery designer by profession. I design all the pieces available in this shop. With the vision to reach people all over the world,

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