Why Global Emerald

BELIEVE IT OR NOT An average Indian wedding takes over 400 hours to plan!

Celebrations like wedding are once in a Lifetime Grand Event for the family. Entire family and close circle of relatives put there best of positive energies, brains & professional consultants to manage the entire activity. Indian Wedding witness a lot of energy filled with Dance, Music & Masti, a series of ceremonies which involves a lot of planning and fact says that with today’s hectic Lifestyles it becomes difficult for you to manage.

We at Global Emerald are there for you to Plan & Choreograph all these ceremonies, involving your loved ones and make these EVER CHERISHED MOMENTS perfect to be captured by our Professional theme Cinematographer (Photo shoot experts). Our Wedding trousseau planner provide with perfect designer solutions for the special YOU and Family.

Global Emerald help you with:






Our Specialty :

Wedding Choreography by highly professional & talented Choreographers from the team of the Legends . The unique opportunity to learn from the Dancing Guru’s Core team & add a different dimension to your wedding choreography & make it a power pack entertainment with full “ Masti” and “showbiz”.

Our Products

Global Emerald specializes in choreography for fun routines for the bride, groom and the bridal party to perform at the reception. We create professionally choreographed routines that are fun, unique & entertaining to surprise your guests on your wedding day!

Variations Available:

– Lead Couple Dance: Choroeography set keeping the bride & groom centric to make the occasion look more elegant.

– Family Choreography: Opportunity for grand-parents, uncles, auntie’s cousins to express their happiness & blessing for the couple by shaking a leg on famous dance numbers.

– DJ’s, Live Singers, Entertainers, MC’s & Anchors: We have highly talented professionals impanelled with us.

– Best wishes & Memories: Interviewing family members/recording footage to create spicy filler videos which are played during the performances to make the occasion more vibrant by our Cinematographers.

– Choreography for Mehendi, Engagement & Reception

– Special Bride & Groom entry: Making the entry of bride & groom in a unique way.

Our Expertise as Entertainment in Weddings:

The growing popularity of designer weddings has given a “cosmopolitan” style to these traditional rituals. Smaller functions like mehendi and sangeet have also become gala events, professionally choreographed with snazzy DJs behind the console. Over the past decade, western events such as cocktail night and bachelor parties have added to the festivities. From destination venues to lavish decors, celebrity performances and splendid themes, the traditional sangeet has now become a more organized and systematic pre wedding event. The once Do-it-yourself song and dance ceremony is now taken up by professional vendors who not only set up for the grand sangeet but also manage group/celebrity performances at such a ceremony.

The loud brass bands, dhols and nagadaas and the squeaky shehnai are now outdated and have given way to more groovy, funky DJ parties. The ladies in the house now seek professional training for performing their dancing jig at these dos. A range of choreographers are competing in the market offering various services like the “lead pair” dance, complete family dance choreography. Recent celebrity weddings have witnessed Bollywood and TV industry’s who’s who to perform at their glitzy weddings.

More opportunities to set up events of events with professional MCs and anchors and setting up activities like a scripting event by making a story line highlighting the progression of the bride’s and groom’s story. Another interesting activity could be interviewing family members and recording rehearsal footage to create filler videos and providing anchors to make the event entertaining.